From the recording Silent Prayer


Lead and Backing Vocals by: Taliah Bloom

A crack of sunlight enters my world on a dreamy morning
The unknown lies on the brink of a new day
Here I am gathering the thoughts inside my mind
A distant song plays over and over and over

I give this day to you
Unlived, unwalked, undone
I give this day to you
A song that no ones sung
A dream that's just begun
Find your space, a homely place, within the light of day
A garden bright, pure delight, stay

Outside my window a million colours dance in the waking sun
Deep within a single light shines bright
Can I live the play that lies beyond the script?
An empty stage, calls me over and over and over


A magic sunrise, sweeps across the dawn horizon
Wraps the sky, the gift that's mine to give
Grasp the brush, to bring this canvas world to life
And paint the day, over and over, over and over