From the recording Silent Prayer


Lead vocals – Carmella Lewis
Backing vocals – Taliah Bloom

I’m ancient stone, I’m all alone, I stand here
And I pray that I’ll be whole again one day

Hundreds of years have dried the tears on my golden stone
And a thousand whispered prayers echo in my soul

I listen to the beating heart that knows it’s not alone
In the place where heaven touches earth

And as each note is placed within, an angel sheds a tear
And its prayer is lifted high above on wings of love and fear.
The gates of prayer open wide, the heavens part
To catch the perfect pieces of a solitary heart

I listen to the little child, so simple and so pure
To the lonely soldier, tired and torn
I listen to the father, worried for his child
To the mother as she prays into the night (chorus)

I listen to the voice of thanks, praise and prayer divine
To the voice of hope, that dreams a better time (chorus)