From the recording Silent Prayer


Lead and backing vocals – Laiya Rothberg

I sit by the river and weeping willows all alone
Waiting for the day you'll come and take me home
A stranger in a stranger's land
A language I don’t understand
Trying to find direction, where do I turn
Then I hear…

Rachel's song
A voice that wills me to go on
Rachel's cries
Teardrops falling from the skies
Rachel's prayer lights my way

Desert winds and sandstorms hide the road beneath
Mountains stand between me and the life I want to lead
The climb’s too steep my strength wont last
I feel it's all beyond my grasp
Although I'm just a heartbeat
From where I'm meant to be
Then I hear...(chorus)

I hear your dust and cobblestones calling to my heart
I've lost the voice within me, I'm strings without a harp
Land that fills my waking dreams
I'd fly to you with broken wings
A solitary songbird (chorus)

מנעי קולך מבכי ועיניך מדמעה
´כי יש שכר לפעלתך נאם ה
יש תקוה לאחריתך