From the recording Silent Prayer


Lead vocals- Robin Aron
Backing vocals – Zahava Pinson

Along a dusty path
Walking all alone
Knapsack on his back
Wanders far from home

Singing to the wind
Beneath the open skies
Silent in his thoughts
Tears in his eyes

Eyes that long for rest
A heart that hurts to feel
Relief so far away
A dream that can’t be real

The sun slips through the sky
The day has come and gone
The world is deep in sleep
But he just wanders on

שמור אלוקים על חיל הבודד שלי
שמור אותו מסכנה ומכל דבר שלילי
הדלק לו נר בוער הנותן שלווה ושלום
המדריך אותו בדרך בחשכת החלום

Shmor Elokim Al Chayal HaBoded Sheli
Shmor Oto Misakanah Umikol Davar Shlili
Hadlek Loh Ner Boer Hanoten Shalvah Veshalom
Hamadrich Otoh Baderech B’cheshkat Hachalom

(Dear G-d watch over this lonely soldier of mine
Guard him from danger and harm
Kindle within him the vision of serenity and peace
To light his way through the darkest dream)

She thinks of him by day
Prays for him by night
G-d, watch him on his way
G-d, grant him strength to fight

And with each dawn and each dusk
Another tear is cried
To hear his gentle voice
His footsteps outside (chorus)

O’ let it be a time of peace forevermore
From distant corners bring us back to homeland shores
We’ll ride the dream of wings and let our spirits soar
אחכה לו בכל יום שיבא - achake loh Bechol yom sheyavo
(I await his coming every day)