1. 9. Ani Maamin

From the recording Silent Prayer


Lead vocals by: Taliah Bloom
Backing vocals by: Michelle Max and Taliah Bloom

I don’t want to play and sing this prayer
I just want to live your song
A million years of asking
A million years too long

I don’t want to close my eyes and dream
I want it here, I want it real
I want to touch it, I want to feel

To see the oneness
Feel the peace
The truth that’s blowing in the breeze

Ani Maamin, Beemunah, Shleimah
Be-vi-at Hamashiach
Ani Maamin, Ani Maamin
Ve-af Al Pi Sheyitmahme-ah
Im Kol Zeh Achake Loh
Achake Loh, Achake Loh
Bechol Yom Sheyavo