1. Footsteps



Composed by: Rivka Leah Cylich
Lead Vocals by: Chaya Sara Weiss
Backing Vocals by: Taliah Bloom

I dreamed a dream, like none I’ve had before
So real, I can feel, the waves breaking on the shore
Of an empty beach, standing right there
With the ocean breeze, blowing through my hair

Stretching far behind me in the sands of time
Two sets of footprints, yours and mine
There through the gentle tides, you held my hand
But there’s one thing I just can’t understand

In the times that were rough
Through the dark and stormy seas
My heart called to you, but a whisper on the breeze
As the cold set in deep, headed towards dry land
I saw only one set of footprints in the sand

Dear child of mine, I’m right here by your side
I’ve watched your world unfold with such delight
Beneath the sheltered clouds, and the guiding light ahead
You walked the hidden path, not knowing where it led

With the dawn of each new day, the wonder in your eyes
Horizons opened up, you discovered freedom skies
Blessing each new breath, I watched you learn and grow
Yes, there’s something that I need you to know

In the times that were rough
Through the wind and through the rain
I heard your voice, I heard you calling my name
I was there, in your prayer, as your heart whispered its psalms
I lifted you and carried you in my arms

Walking through sands as they shift beneath your feet
Never quite knowing what you’re gonna meet
On these 42 journeys of life
Hear me now, hear me now

On the road that lies beyond
Through the bitter and the sweet
You’ll find my light, emerge from night, where earth and heaven meet
Footsteps behind, I trust you’ll find, that deep inside you know
I’m here with you, as you leave your home, to the land that I’ll show